Our method of teaching is inspired by a small child just learning to speak. Have you ever observed how a small child learns to speak without any conventional teaching and without any books? This is the reason why we don't use any books in the primary stage of language learning because the use of books makes language learning only bookish which reduces the fluency and constancy of the language.

Our approach is mainly communicative. We believe in interactive and dynamic methodology. It proved to be very effective in the development of students' communication skills. In most of our classes, students are given good chances to practice and develop their listening, understanding and speaking skills.

The communicative method belief is that it is important not to be restricted by a specific foreign language textbook. We never feel that textbooks must be used from cover to cover. They should only be used as tool, as a starting-point. With a little inspiration and imagination, an Foreign language textbook can be manipulated and rendered for a more communicative purpose. Teachers must free themselves from it, rely more on their own command of language and professional expertise as to what linguistic items, skills, idioms, phrases, words, need to be drilled, exploited and extended.

We do not want you to know Foreign language without being able to use it. We want you to use it, practice it. Language is a practical skill you need to develop through practice, not only something you need to learn. That is why our teaching method focuses on the development of the three skills: Listening, Understanding & speaking

Our staff members are highly qualifies professors and instructors who have very impressive knowledge and experience in their fields. All of them are specialized in the subjects they teach and have the experience and publications that make us proud of having them all with us.

Each course syllabus is built and prepared for each subject under reliable and objective measures of linguistic ability and details the specific contents and skills that students should learn and acquire in each level.

Although we are very confident that we offer the best service, we will be always happy to receive your comments and suggestions to meet our students' expectations.










Why Learn A Foreign Languages ?

(If you are not already learning a language, you are running late)

  • Learning a foreign language increases self-control & focus.
  • Learning a foreign language helps protect against Alzheimer’s & dementia.
  • Learning Foreign language sharpens cognitive and life skills.
  • Learning Foreign language improves employment potential.
  • Learning Foreign language skills can help increase your income.
  • Learning Foreign languages expand your pool of potential friends.
  • Learning Foreign language skills can achieve a new goal or dream.
  • Speaking a Foreign language makes you more attractive.
  • Speaking a Foreign language is able to communicate with a broader network.
  • Speaking a Foreign language brings international business to your company.

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