Classroom training !!

  • Classroom training is considered the most effective form of learning. Attending a class requires an investment of time and effort, but the rewards are significant.
  • The classroom environment removes you from the distractions of everyday work so you can focus on improving your development skills. With AGLI classroom training, you have the opportunity to interact with an experienced Language instructor in person and discuss ideas and problems with your peers and colleagues.
  • Enjoy face to face interaction with the instructors, and learn languages in a fun and interactive way by watching videos, listening to audios, role playing and much more!
  • Student Ratio:
  • The number of students in class room training will vary based on the popularity of a language and the difficulty level of the course. Typically, Class room training range from 6-12 people in a class, but do not exceed 12 students.

Why Learn A Foreign Languages ?

(If you are not already learning a language, you are running late)

  • Learning a foreign language increases self-control & focus.
  • Learning a foreign language helps protect against Alzheimer’s & dementia.
  • Learning Foreign language sharpens cognitive and life skills.
  • Learning Foreign language improves employment potential.
  • Learning Foreign language skills can help increase your income.
  • Learning Foreign languages expand your pool of potential friends.
  • Learning Foreign language skills can achieve a new goal or dream.
  • Speaking a Foreign language makes you more attractive.
  • Speaking a Foreign language is able to communicate with a broader network.
  • Speaking a Foreign language brings international business to your company.
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